Monday, February 02, 2009

Jessica Simpson's Weight

I typically don't use this blog as a forum to comment on celebrity gossip. It's not that I don't care, though I don't, but more-so it's just never really come up. But being that this is a running blog, and running is all about physical fitness, and physical fitness and weight-loss are tied together, I feel that Jessica's weight is a particularly valid topic to be discussed in this forum...

Fair enough?

First of all it's important to note that I full heatedly believe that society (the fashion industry specifically) really puts a mind screw on young girls by exposing them to a completely unrealistic version of what is the ideal female form. Especially when you consider how airbrushed and retouched the typical magazine photo is. Seeing the before and after of 90% of the pictures that make it to Cosmo would drop your jaw.

But here's the problem with Jessica Simpson's weight and all these yahoos coming to her defense - SHE'S FAT. She's not healthy looking, or normal, or average, she is fat. And it's not even that she's fat so much as she is so much fater than she was just a few months ago. You compare this picture to the one up top and it appears she's put on between 20 and 400 pounds. There's no way that's healthy.

And it has nothing to do with her being a woman - if that was Brad Pitt and he put on 50 pounds he'd get called out too. For example, when Matthew Perry went from a skinny coke head loser to a bloated coke head loser it turned heads. Anyone who thinks there's a double standard for male and female celebrities is fooling themselves. No one in the public eye gets to pack on a small child worth of weight to their ass and get a free pass. And possibly more important to note is that Lindsay Lohan is currently getting called out by the press for weighing in at 45 pounds. The fact is it's not about being fat or skinny it's about being healthy. And there's nothing healthy about a KFC diet.

So Nick Lachey, the tard sister and her flippidy husband, that worthless waste of human DNA Kim Kardashin, and everyone else who thinks the fact fat Jessica ate skinny Jessica is OK, needs to stop crying to the press and start prying the Whopper out of fatty's mouth. Get her on a treadmill or something. Because saying that that kind of weight gain is normal is an insult to anyone watching calories, pounding out miles, lifting weights, and generally trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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