Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nike+ Mini

On an information superweb gone dancing bananas, where LOLCats sleep with dogs that want to kill themselves, and a single mouse click could point you towards unspeakable hystericaloscity or a Goatse, having a digital representation of one's self in a virtual environment is as crucial as having a quality Quickmix in your Pandora account.

It's in this environment, beset on all sides by cybertronic overwhelmingnessism that Nike unleashed the Nike+ Mini - an invention that could easily be seen as a slightly ridiculous waste of time and resources for a footwear company, but upon closer inspection could be the most influential thing to happen to my running since $15 socks.

What is this Mini you ask? Check out the playa on the right. In his purest form he's like a little motivated digital likeness of me, (who looks like he's been on a week long bender.) When I run he's happy, when I don't he talks all kinds of smack. So as long as I feed him miles I don't have to look him in the face and sense his disappointment in me.

That's the positive.

The negative is the fact the little bastard is a liar. I just got done running and he's hemming and hawing about how I'm not running enough. I JUST PUT IN SIX MILES MAN! He should be grateful not running lip. But I'm practically tempted to run around just to shut its little yap. So it's working - or I'm slightly off center. Or both? I'm not ruling anything out.

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Mike said...

Leave it to Nike. I love the widget/banner idea for an individual's website. Will this every translate onto other forms of the web (Facebook, Myspace, Netvibes, etc)?

I am still waiting for the Nike+ to incorporate heart rate monitor and maybe adapt to work with a bike. That would be a dream come true.