Thursday, August 08, 2013

Three Years Later Where is PLe1?

Been a while. In fact 1,170 days have passed since the last time I graced this blog and it's zero readers with my wise, wise, wisdom. Some would say it's closer to 167 weeks, others might say 28,056 hours, still more would say 1,683,360 minutes. But let's just split the difference at 101,001,600 seconds and be done with it.

I've spent that time like an American - being lazy and getting fat. Real fat. (U.S.A! U.S.A!)

Not to mention slow. I've become crazy slow. Last time I posted here mid 6 minute pace was the norm. I remember those days fondly. Now breaking 7:30 m/mile is an achievement. Most runs hoover north and south of 8:00 m/mile, but it gets into the 9:00 minute mark when it's off, and that's far too often.

But the marathon is looming. 87 days or so. And I'm totally counting. Counting the miles, counting the rest days, counting the times I rather lay on my couch but bang 6 out because I have to.

Far from ready, far from ready to give up. I'm counting on being ready for Nov. 3rd, and this will be the written record.


Laura said...

Welcome back! Can I assume that NYC Marathon is your comeback race of choice?

PLe1 said...

Look at this one. Long time no speak.

Yep, is there any other marathon? Other than the 49 others you did.