Thursday, August 08, 2013

Rest Daze

One of the biggest differences between being someone who runs and someone in training is how we deal with rest days. If you're just running to run a rest day is basically a day you don't feel like running, or two days, or a week, or the month of May. Who cares? You don't feel like running and what's the difference?

When you're training, a rest day feels like a compromise. Like you've bowed to that voice that tells you to slow down, and failed the little dude in your head that gives you a high five when you tell the first guy to fuck himself.

But sometimes a day off is a good thing.

I always say that if I was able to manifest the feeling of self satisfaction I have after a run, when I'm waffling over whether to lace up I would never say no. I even made to try to help me out on the road. But there are times when your body legitimately needs a sec, which is the voice I was listening to tonight. I'm on my couch drinking wine. Roads will be there tomorrow. And so will I.

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