Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Do I want to go running in the morning?

I'll give you the easy answer - No. Zero percent of me wants to run in the AM. I'd rather punch an angry bear, or do math - anything really. Especially considering the weather for the morning looks cold and wet, which next to nuclear attack with chance of zombie attacks is the worst combination I can think of.

The fact is I hate morning running - which is very un-runner. Most runners love waking up at the butt-crack to amble through the Park with an ear to ear grin so they can rub it in to the rest of us who spend our mornings hitting the snooze button like it's dispensing happy tokens. It's not, in fact all my snooze button dispenses is a cold dose of inevitability coupled by the sad hard truth that I actually have to wake up and do...stuff. Like ew.

But that's not even what I hate about morning running. More than anything I hate that when I run in the morning the most productive thing I'll do for the entire day happens at 7:30AM. I have nothing for the rest of my day. Zero to look forward to. It's like opening the first gift on Christmas and it's a bike and you know that there's box after box of trousers and socks to tear through. After the bike where do you really go from there?

On that note maybe I don't run? Maybe I do? Maybe I hate the fact that 6 people are reading this? And I know who all of you are so stop looking at me swan.

My run from tonight.


EKIN Phil said...

Trousers? Are you 28 or 78? Anyway , back in the day when I was in shape and running more frequently (read more than 2x a week) I hated running in the mornings also. Maybe for me it was the social aspect of running in the evening. There always seems to be more evening runners than morning runners. Or may be it was just I was lazy......

TheRunnerChick said...

Guys, I couldn't disagree with you more. Mornings haven't been my thing of late, but when I can actually get up and start my day with a quiet morning run... ahh... I'm riding high at least through the afternoon.

Nothing like the watching the city wake up, smelling the coffee wafting off each street venders cart and just welcoming in a new day! ahhh... LOVE IT!