Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Running Poem

When I go out running,
I think of lots of stuff.
Like what's up with my playlist,
And calculus is tough.

And where the hell's Calcutta?
Why are stop signs red?
Why don't builds have floor 13?
And what's up with hotel beds?

And with Bill and Ted's Adventure,
which was better one or two?
And if space is black and scary,
then why is the sky all blue?

And i'm really digging this song,
But i want to change the track,
And I know that it's 1AM,
But I'm not yet heading back.

And I think I can go faster,
Or maybe should slow down.
And I can remember vaguely,
About this side of town.

And oh I love this song on now,
I'm picking up my pace.
And I think I can do a marathon,
Or some other distance race.

And I've been out for a while,
But I don't want to slow down.
And I'm running really fast now,
But I should turn back and go down.

Got a nice look from that hottie,
No doubt saying WTF.
It's 1:11AM,
That dude must have lots of luck.

But I'm heading up my block now,
and this run is almost done.
And just when it is over,
My jam comes on I need more run.

And I take a left, a right, a left,
With a trip around the block.
And I'm tearing off a 5:40 pace,
And burning up the clock.

But a right, a left, a right a left.
The run is good an done.
I press stop on my play list
As I finish up the run.

And I think what did i think of,
And I don't remember shit.
But I had a super sweet run.
And I'm glad I'm done with it.

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