Thursday, February 19, 2009


It's been three days since I did the first speed workout in my quest to reclaim my glorious glorious speed, and my calves still feel like they went 10 rounds with Clubber Lang. I took a day off, did an easy three and change last night, I've stretched, worn my Frees, and I'm still tighter than the skin on Joan River's face. Now I'm trying to decide if it would be better to try to run it out tonight or take another day off to rest them?

I think the bigger issue is - I'm this sore after a little speed work? Really? And by really I of course mean, REALLY? It's tote redic - like OMG WTF?

And while I want to blame age and life in general it's obviously completely attributable to the three months between October - January that I spent engaged in a Bacchus-like lifestyle of complete indulgence in all of life's vices. It was awesome! But at the same time I have to concede that my physical fitness was hardly top notch after three months of skipping runs, and physical fitness in general, so I could drown my liver in scotch, pound chicken McNuggets drenched in sweet and sour, and make absolutely terrible decisions regarding just about everything else.

But the song and dance continues my friends, and with that...............BOOM goes the dynamite.

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