Monday, September 22, 2008

Apartment Hunting: The Quest For Better Running

A couple months ago my current apartment was sold and by the end of the month I'm getting kicked out onto the cold streets of the city that never sleeps. This is obviously the sucks on a variety of levels - not the least of which is the fact that apartment hunting in the city is one of the most awfulest things you could wish on an individual. I rather be hugged by a stinky subway bum than have to even point my browser to But with 7 days left I'm hitting the interweb hard in search of somewhere to live starting October 1st.

Inevitably I'll have to move into a place not half as awesome as the one I'm currently in. Either it's going to be small, or in an annoying area, or a 8 floor walk-up, or there's going to be a pack of rabid zombies living in the closet and I'm going to have to get some kind of zombie eradication specialist to come in and kill all the zombies. And then I'll have to get that mess cleaned up. And they never get all the zombies on the first try so I'll have to keep calling this guy, and he'll give me these random times when he can come - "I'll be there sometime between 11AM and November." So no matter what things won't work out.

But the other thing that's annoying me is the fact I'm going to need to completely change my running based on the new location. My current place is on 45th and 8th. I'm an .75 mile straight shot to the park, or I can go west and do the WSH with an 8 mile Runners' Station loop, or I can do my favorite run through Times Square. I know that Niketown is about a mile away, I know the Staten Island Ferry Terminal is 4.5 miles away, and I know that I can do a west to east loop of the tip in about an hour and 20 minutes.

Some would see this as a good thing - but I say nay. If I'm Downtown the Park is out. If I'm to Uptown the Station is out. If I'm too east I'll have to start using the east path. And Times Square late nighters are all but gone - single tear.

But on the bright side it will be nice to explore a different part of the city. And I'm sure the zombie problem won't be that bad. So if you know anywhere free of zombies with good running that's available starting October first please let me know.

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Laura said...

Check out West End Towers at I LOVE my building and would never live anywhere else in the city! Fairly reasonable if you're willing to do a share.