Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hood to Coast

When it comes to the biggest events in the Nike world the Human Race is number one right now. If you haven't signed up for one of the 25 international cities or the FREE virtual race you probably suck to some degree, and there's a good chance no one likes you. You might be a witch? I dunno? We could drown you to find out but it seems easier to just sign up right? There's even a good possibilty you're not only not a good person and you're not only a witch but in fact a drain on humanity as a whole? BUT THERE's HOPE. Sign up at a Nike training run and I'll give you a high-five. A WHOLE 5!!! Maybe 10? WHO KNOWS?

But if there was a #2 in the Nike world it would be Hood To Coast. Hood to Coast is what happens when 12000 people decide they want to be awesome. 196 miles, 12 people, two days of awesome. Day, night, night, day, awesomeness. It's one of those running events that is definitive for a runner - much like doing Boston, NYC, or Chi.


Honestly this is the biggest, most amazing, most fun, most gratifying thing that a runner can do. Get in a van with a bunch of friends and make it happen. I'm ridiculously proud to be involved. More to follow before Oregon...

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Laura said...

The race fee is awfully expensive for a 10K... I may sit this one out.