Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Declarations, Statements, and the Whites

FACT: I haven't posted on this thingy since the days of Yesterfar. A magical time that only seems so far far away, but was actually about two weeks ago. Ah, Yesterfar, how we miss thee.

FACT: It's difficult to formulate witty and insightful posts about the sport of running when you in fact have not run in weeks. It would be like {insert relevant pop diva} posting about having {insert a humorous musing about self respect or humility}.

FICTION: I'm above making such references.

FICTION: I haven't run in two weeks because my foot hurts.

FACT: I've cunningly used that as an excuse to be lazy and not run.

FACT: White people love New Balance.

FACT: I ran both tonight and last night and I forgot how to be good at it. I was all winded and tired and junk. That ain't pimp.

FACT: It really isn't pimp at all. Not that running is pimp or pimps run, but you'd be shocked what comes up in a Google image search using various combinations of "pimp" and "running".

FACT: I actually did such a search. Just kinda how I roll.

FICTION: I have more facts.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Ha, I'm totally off to try Googling that.

And Stuff White People like is AWESOME. I forget if I've mentioned it to you before or if it was someone else, but you should also check out White Whine.