Wednesday, March 19, 2008

RUN NYC Tournament Challenge

Scientifical experimentational time...

What happens when you give 120 competitive runners iPods and NIKE+ Sport Kits, split them into four teams, give them some pretty awesome shirts, and tell them the team with the most miles wins?

First of all you get over 400 miles logged in the first two days. Impressive. But more interestingly, you turn a bunch of people who were otherwise content dropping an easy four in the Park, and you give them a reason to go longer, run more often, do two-a-days, and come together in the way only a team atmosphere can produce.

And that's why I'll be dropping silly sick Kenyan miles over the next few weeks. I've been doing about 40 for the last two weeks, but I'm already starting to plan my schedule around my running, and tomorrow I'll be embarking on a nice little morning jaunt to get the mileage up. I hate morning runs (considering 65% of my entries are about this fact it should come as no surprise, ) but for Team Claude I'm willing to go the extra mile...oh yeah, I went there.

See you in the park tomorrow suckas.

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