Thursday, March 20, 2008

Intrigue, Suspense, Stupid Mileage: A Life of Bad Choices

What posses someone who just left the office at 1:15AM after a 17 hour day to drop 10 plus miles, including two bridges, in the rain, at 2AM? Obviously a high degree of stupidity. Like smoking a cigarette while starting a gasoline fight kind of stupidity. A real self destructive, stupid vonStupid-pants brand of ignorance that is rare in people who make it past the age of 22. Typically the ilk who do things this dumb die young trying to jump a tank of angry sharks on a flaming unicycle, or get trampled by packs of something. I'm not really sure how I've gotten this far but it's never been on good decision making - especially after midnight. But it wasn't the mind numbing effects of alcohol that caused this debacle. No, something far more sinister was afoot. Team Claude.

When I laced up we were down 10 miles, so I set my Nike+ for 5 miles aqnd figured I'd at least split the difference, but heading south on 8th Ave I was feeling good. Really good. Apparently good enough that it didn't seem stupid when I headed east on Canal through Chinatown. At that point it really wasn't. I was rocking a new pair of Vomeros and moving pretty well as I headed east. So when I rolled up on the entrance of the Manhattan Bridge clocking in at about four miles in just over 24 minutes it didn't seem like that bad an idea to head into Brooklyn. It was Wednesday, and I normally roll with the Bridge Runners on their Wednesday night runs, so it almost made sense when I hit the five mile mark heading towards the Brooklyn Bridge.

And then the rain started.

But I was locked in at that point. No cash, no Metro Card, no turning back.

Back in Manhattan it was a pretty straight shot back to my Apt. - it's always easier when you know the finish line. So I went a little longer than I'd planned but it was a good run. 10.21 miles, 6:24 pace. Not bad for someone who's long overdue for a tragically hilarious end.

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