Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why I'm blogging part 1

When people ask me when I started running I typically say that I ran in college - which I did, but that doesn't really answer the question. That's more of an answer to what made you hate running. Or what's the most pretentious thing you can say regarding your running accomplishments. But as far as answering when I started running it really has no bearing. The truth is I have no idea how to answer when I started running. It's like asking Michael Jackson when he turned weird. Was it when he purchased a llama or when he was talking to the mouse? Who knows? If you ask my mother, as soon as she's able to compose herself from the fetal ball of tears that the post traumatic stress of my childhood has caused the poor woman, she'd probably say that from the time I could walk I was tearing ass any time I was off the leash. And though the stress of chasing a four year-old around Disney probably took years off her life, she'll probably never be in as good of shape.

But in retrospect, everything in my life is and has always revolved around the fact that I can run. My notoriety in Elementary school was due to the fact I was the fastest kid in the school. That followed through to middle school where I set a school record for the mile. In high school I tried out for the baseball team, and wasn't cut largely because the coach was also the XC coach and needed my come XC season. I'd go on to a successful career and, I picked a college based on the XC program. I stopped running after my freshman year so I could enjoy college, but being on the track team was my sell in when I joined a fraternity. In a round-about way it was the insane and debauch stuff I did in the fraternity that lead me to the event production industry. And now I'm working for the biggest running brand in the biggest city in the world and I'm fully immersed in the NYC running community.

So at 28 years old I've come to the realization that there's no single force in my life that's been as consistently influential as running. The only thing close would be my staunch dedication to contrarianism, or the fact I worship the dark lord Satan - well not really - but maybe. Or not? It's neither here nor there really. But I recently started reading some of my runners blogs, and in an attempt to promote the amazing work they're doing, I'm going to throw my hat into the blogosphere. I figure that I owe it to the general populous to share my thoughts and seemingly witty observations with the universe at large. It's the least I can do. Except nothing, which would be slightly less.

Let the games begin...

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therunnerchick said...

Hey buddy! ...and welcome! ;) It's great to have you although your references to both MJ and satan do freak me out a bit, I think (ur.. hope!) you'll be okay. jk.

I'll respond to your e-mail and I'll be at Nike tonight. So, we'll def chat before the weeks through.